ERP Operational Software with multiple Accounting System Integration options.
Ostendo streamlines your staff's operational processes through effective data capture, allowing you to provide accurate feedback to your customers and analyse key financial data.
How can Ostendo integrate with your business?
In any business, it is essential your software integrates with your processes. 
Download the infographic below to learn more about how Ostendo can help improve your business performance and streamline your processes
ostendo infographic

- Control inventory
- Job costing
- Manufacturing
- Scheduling
- Service
- Mobility
- Distribution
- Dynamic reporting



Its versatile nature and easy integration with your existing accounting software makes it extremely compatible with any small, medium or large organisation looking to improve better business performance and streamlined processes.


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Ostendo Insight and Support


Insights and Support

Inventory: Streamlines the process and allows
for full traceability

MRP and Inventory Replenishment: Provides
you with valuable insight into future orders

CRM: Tracks enquiries through pipelines
and converts to orders


Project Costs & Projections

Sales and Service: Assists with the sales,
picking, packing and shipping processes

Point of Sale: Offers an easy to use, multi
terminal platform for orders, quotes and

Job Costing and Projects: Provides solutions
for simple to complex job estimating,
progress, tracking and projection

Ostendo Project Costs and Projections

Ostendo HR Benefits

HR Benefits 

Labour, Timesheets and Job Tracking: Offers
a simple solution for creating job sheets, job
lists and capturing mobile timesheets

Manufacturing, Engineering and Assembly:
Allows you to track data collection, assembly
orders and bills

Configured Custom Products:
Configure custom BOM's or Task Bills with defined pricing structure

Streamline Your Processes

Quality Control: Offers quality assurance, assists
with procedures and ensures visibility for any
outstanding items awaiting inspection

Reporting and Technical Utilities: Offers graphical
process workflows and web dashboards for data
entry and remote synchronisation

Cloud Based or On-Site Software Integration: Provides easy integration with MYOB, Reckon, Sage Pastel, MoneyWorks and Xero 

Ostendo Streamline your Processes