Freeway is an enterprise mobile application used to capture data remotely in the field, on the road, in the workshop or on the assembly line. 
Offering an unlimited user licence, it's available on both Android and iOS (Apple) smart phones and tablets, utilising the features on your mobile device
including voice recording, GPS, camera, emailing, SMS, speech to text, NFC and more.

Freeway operates with its own database; hence no Data, no worries, you can continue to capture data whilst out of range and synchronise
when your back in a Data or Wi-Fi area.

Freeway Overview 

Freeway Features

Freeway Features     

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Job & Asset Servicing

  • Create asset and meter readings 
  • Write, sketch, photograph or create audio notes for
    future reference 
  • Allocate jobs and schedule assignments to staff 
  • Gather additional information 
  • Call or SMS functionality 
  • Mandatory site risk assessment 
  • Option to gather customer and technician

Manufacturing & Assembly

  • Assignment board driven by whatever you need to drive it
    i.e. specific employees, resources, departments 
  • Create multiple assignments 
  • Assign from step resource 
  • Live refresh allowing you to remain up to date
    in real time 
  • Create receipts from assembly 

Sales Orders & Customers

  • Create sales orders and attach to new or existing customers
  • Review all details of customer history, outstanding payments etc.
    before creating a new sales order 
  • Look up product information 
  • Categorise your products to make it simple when searching 
  • Attach photos of each product 
  • View all product details i.e. cost, availability, warehouse location,
    quantities per packet 
  • Live refresh to allow for real time data 
  • Add delivery notes  
  • Brand invoices and receipts 

Delivery with Run Routing

  • Obtain proof of delivery 
  • Manage and assign delivery methods 
  • Create labels 
  • Assign to delivery routes 
  • Google maps routing 
  • GPS tracking 


  • Receipting 
  • Simply scan through items or use the manual receipt function 
  • Provides packing slip numbers 
  • Add photos of delivery dockets and invoices 


  • Show all information relating to your daily workflow 
  • Drill in further to your job information 
  • Product details including warehouse locations and quantities 
  • Customer statistics 
  • Review all sales data 
  • Send detailed requests to staff via email through audio and PDF attachments 

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