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Our team of consultants have the knowledge and skill set to create custom software solutions for your business.
Our unique skills and understanding of software solutions, enables us to customise software to suit your specific needs and drive your business processes.

Custom Software
Custom software solutions to enhance your business performance and processes.

Save you time
Our team will review your current software, then take action to recommend more efficient solutions.

Practical Business
We spend time understanding your business needs, so we can set you up with the right software solutions.

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Free Sample Freeway Inquiry

Freeway provides the ability to access, in real time, your business KPIs and reports from your mobile device.

Inquiry Packs are customised views which are developed to incorporate the KPIs which are important to your business. 

A free Inquiry Pack provides insight into the capabilities and potential of Freeway reporting on mobile devices.
View a Sales Region Report

The Sales By Region report provides an overview of the MTD, LMTD, YTD & LYTD by customer sales region.


Sales Report

Free Download

Freeway can interrogate any data within Ostendo to provide real time order, and status information.


Freeway Inquiry Pack



Route Mapping

Our custom script looks at the deliveries to be completed from within Ostendo’s Delivery Module. It asks you which shipping method “Delivery Run” and Delivery Zone to match against and sends this data to Google to sequence the runs in the most efficient order. It then assigns those deliveries to Ostendo’s Assignment Board allowing for the default gap or user override gap.
These assignments are then made available to the Freeway as delivery sheets which include tailored information and customer sign off.

Wondering how route mapping will make deliveries more efficient? 

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Designed to provide an overview of your business KPIs the Dashboard screen can be accessed via your web browser and customized to deliver the key performance indicators which are relevant to your business processes.
Current Dashboards available in our KPI pack are: 
  • Invoices MTD & YTD per Site - Grid
  • Forward Orders (4 months expected invoices) - Grid
  • Revenue Actual V Budget – Line graph
  • Inventories Including Dead, Slow, Active, Ready to Ship, WIP – Pie
  • Staff Utilisation - Grid
  • Budgeted Margin – Line Graph
  • Budgeted Margin per Month - Grid
  • Budgeted Margin YTD – Grid
Example Dashboard

Dashboards will allow your Management team customised access to key data.

 Example Dashboard

Price on Application

Speak to our team for prices on customisable dashboards

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Status Report
The Status Report is designed to provide an overview of Ostendo KPIs to key company stakeholders including owners, directors and managers.

This report is comprised of some data integrity items that may highlight potential issues around Ostendo system parameters, key business process indicators and financial statistics.
Download a Sample Report
The report can be produced on demand from Ostendo or can be automatically delivered via email at a designated interval through the Queue service.

Sample Report

Price on Application
Please speak to our Software team about the implementation of a Status Report.

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Assignment Board Link to Outlook
Our Custom script updates your team member’s outlook Calendar with all allocated assignments in Ostendo’s Assignment board.If assignments are moved on the assignment board, they are also updated in the Outlook calendar. Our script does not move or delete any entry made directly into Outlook. Ostendo’s Assignment board is the source of truth for Ostendo Assignments.
All Ostendo Assignments are included in the integration including Jobs, Deliveries and Assemblies.

Want to see how your business can utilise the Ostendo Assignment Board and Outlook?

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Scripting - Customisation and Automation
Our specialist development team can eliminate repeat processes through script by automating repeat processes or completely realigning a standard process to your unique process.
We specialise in scripting in Ostendo and Freeway and can also move data between multiple system whether cloud, EDI or on server SQL databases.
Contact our team to find out how we can assist you to build capacity within your teams through automation.
Want to know how customisation might be the solution to your software problems?
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Sales Win / Loss Report
The Sales Win Loss Report is designed to provide an overview of the number of sales quotes converted to Orders compared to the Quotes Lost. The report comprises of filters for date range, sales person, customer and customer region. The report data can be customized and analyzed to evaluate the conversion rate of sales quotes and reasons for sales lost.
The report can be produced on demand from Ostendo or can be automatically delivered via email at a designated interval through the use of Ostendo queue services.
Download a Sample Report
This report may highlight potential issues around key business indicators and sales processes.
Price on Application
Talk to our team about generating a sales win / loss report


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Email Invoices with Statement

Do your customers request copies of outstanding invoices when you send through an Account Statement?

Is your business wasting time filtering, searching and forwarding emails when these requests are made?

The solution is simple. Send copies of any related outstanding invoices to your Customers with their Account Statement email.

The Software Team at Cutcher & Neale have created a solution that does just that. Once installed to your Ostendo database this script collates every outstanding Invoice with the Customer Account Statement ready for email to your Customer. Each Customer will receive their Statement and copies of the related outstanding Invoices in one email.

Speak to our team for further details or how to purchase this customisation.

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Auto Debtor Email

The Software Team at Cutcher & Neale have created a solution that automatically emails your Customer when an invoice is overdue.

Once installed to your Ostendo database this customisation will automatically send out an email to the Customer’s Statement Email Address with customised predefined text at up to 4 configurable stages (eg: 15, 30, 45 & 60 days overdue). If required the outstanding invoices can also be included as attachments to this email. Each Customer will be sent a reminder using Ostendo Queue Service or Microsoft Office. Individual Customers can be excluded from this auto email process if required.

This customisation can be purchased and installed on your Ostendo database for $800.00 (ex GST).
For further details or to purchase this customisation please contact the Software Team.
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Freeway Inquiry Packs

Freeway provides you the ability to access in real time, your business KPIs and reports from your mobile device.

Inquiry Packs are customised views developed to provide you with a snapshot of your current Ostendo KPIs direct from your mobile device. 
Freeway Inquiry Packs
Freeway Inquiry Snapshot

Our team has developed a number of Inquiry Packs designed to provide a snapshot of your business KPIs to key personnel. Inquiry Packs are designed for Sales and Service Teams, Managers, Directors and Business Owners. 

Each Pack contains multiple individual Inquiries which, when viewed on a mobile device, can be captured as a Snapshot or PDF for email or for future reference.

Freeway Inquiry Snapshot

Price on Application

Freeway Inquiries can be purchased as part of a Standard Inquiry Pack or individually. Each business is unique in their operations so Inquiries can also be customised to suit your specific business KPIs where required.
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Watch our Freeway Inquiry video

  • Show all information relating to your daily workflow 
  • Drill in further to your job information 
  • Product details including warehouse locations and quantities 
  • Customer statistics 
  • Review all sales data