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Hi everyone and welcome to our October newsletter. Its been a busy September for our team with a number Ostendo projects completed, a lot of Freeway implementations on the go and staff leave during NSW school holidays.

In this issue we have:

Software Updates - Update 230 

All Ostendo clients are now encouraged to upgrade to Ostendo Update 230. For information regarding functionality released in versions 228 and below please click on this link .

In addition to the functionality in 228, 230 now caters for Business to Business (B2B). B2B allows for you to issue Fast Codes directly to your customers allowing them to, for example:

  • Create Sales Quotes and or Orders themselves
  • Inquire on the status of an Asset (on hire or their own)
  • Request an Asset Service
  • Inquire on products
  • Inquire on open sales orders / account balances etc

This functionality is also extending to Suppliers / Subcontractors, particularly sub contractors where we can now match the hours entered against a PO linked to Job Order lines. Ideal for managing cost control on large quoted projects.

Fast Codes are now also employee specific and are emailed with an expiry.


Future Updates from Development-X 

Development-X have made the decision to release all future updates as Public updates. This will give those clients who are some 19 versions ahead of the current public release of 211 certainty that any issues will be addressed as if it were a full release.

Its not mandatory to implement every release; however our recommendation will always be to install the latest Update. The flip side of this is the frequent need to install updates. Each month we will provide guidance around the features being released and any issues addressed within each update. From time to time some updates will be mandatory, for example when Freeway users were forced to implement Update 227.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our support team


From the Support Desk 

Please remember requests sent directly to staff's e-mail addresses are not covered by our Support service level agreement (SLA).  There is always a minimum of one team member monitoring tickets when they are logged into our system via

Support Tips for the Month

  • Inventory Transfers - When performing Inventory Transfers in versions prior to 230 please be aware that if the the Inventory Location is entered with the incorrect case eg: ex01 instead of EX01 the transfer can be posted and the items are then locked in the incorrect location. This issue has been resolved with update 230. 

  • Mobility License Key - When receiving your licences this year, Development -X have increased your Freeway users (25 or 50 users to 100 Freeway Users) This changes your Key which you will need to import just as you do your normal Ostendo Licence Key. You will also need to re-issue Fast Codes to all Freeway users. This process is now made easier as mentioned above via the e-mail process and 72 hours expiry.

  • Accounting Link Application - Both the Reckon Accounts and MYOB Classic Ostendo Accounting Link (Blue Link) are required to run at the same permission level as your Accounting application, in most cases this will be 'Run As Administrator' by default and displays a shield in the bottom corner. When running Accounting Link as Administrator you are using your local admin's folder structure. Ensure your local admin has been setup with the same mapped drives If not, the link will not be able to see / access your accounting database.

  • Team Viewer - Did you know TeamViewer's latest update includes software to view and share iOS screens. This means you could deliver some training and project your iPhone / iPad screen to a wide audience or share your screen with us to assist you troubleshoot an Ostendo Freeway problem.


Custom Solutions 

Status Report

The Status Report was designed to provide key company stakeholders an overview of Ostendo's health. This report summarises key data that may highlight potential data integrity issues within Ostendo including system parameters, key business process indicators and financial statistics.

The report can be produced on demand from Ostendo or can be automatically delivered via email at a designated interval through the Queue service.

To learn more  and download a full report example click on this link  now.



Till next month, if you have any questions, concerns or need any advice, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Your dedicated Cutcher & Neale Software Team
Michael, Aaron, Michelle, Hannah and Steve

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