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Hi everyone and welcome to our August newsletter. Its been an exciting month for the software team with both Michael and Aaron attending the Development-X Ostendo Freeway conference at Tongariro Lodge New Zealand. Jeff Keith, Managing Director Development-X, showcased a number of new Freeway features which we will highlight below.

In this issue we have:

Software Updates 

Freeway users will now be using an update number between 227-230. For information regarding functionality released in these versions please click on this link .

Ostendo update 211 is still the last Public release. Development-X have made the decision to add some final functionality before they commit to a final release. Any client's interested in existing Freeway functionality should contact our team directly where we would be happy to discuss an implementation and update path for you.


Development-X Conference News 

As suggested in our opening paragraph, Aaron and Michael attended the Development-X conference earlier this month. Managing Director, Jeff Keith made a number of announcements regarding Freeway:

  1. Order Header Tracking Codes are now de-coupled from GPS Tracking when sent from Freeway to Ostendo. This stops the error when using devices in workshops connected by WIFI
  2. Improvements to Team time sheets - ability to multi pick employees onto the same time entry

  3. Sub-contractor time capture linked to Descriptor code(s) and auto create Purchase Receipt for Supplier linked to the Job Order

  4. Fast codes now specific to Employee, Supplier and Customer screens

  5. Full B2B - Customers and Suppliers can now be setup with their own specific Freeway login (rather than setup as dummy employees). All information able to be tailored to each Customer or Supplier. Full interaction with Data, Orders and Inquiries via their own mobile devices. Ability to remove their access through Ostendo.

  6. Service multiple customer assets within the one data sheet

  7. Inventory Transfers

  8. Inventory Adjustments


From the Support Desk 

Please remember requests sent directly to staff's e-mail addresses are not covered by our Support service level agreement (SLA).  There is always a minimum of one team member monitoring tickets as they are logged into our system via

Support Tips for the Month

  • Ostendo lagging on open - contact a member of the support team. We have discovered a new Firebird command that may assist.
  • Negative demand in inventory availability - this is a known issue with older updates of Ostendo. We have a command script to correct and recommend upgrading to Update 230.
  • Database Maintenance - in preparation for the next full Ostendo release, you must have performed a full backup and restore using Firebird utilities. It will not update your database if it has not been done recently. (disregard if you are already using update 228 or greater)


Custom Solutions 

Scripting - Customisation and Automation

This month we would like to spotlight  our scripting service. With the addition of Steve Pajela to our team, we are now able to provide highly complex solutions to our clients. Some examples of these solutions are:
  • Sending Ostendo Assignments to Outlook's Calendar
  • Routing Deliveries through Google maps and sequencing based on effective route.
  • Complex KPI reports
  • Database triggers to facilitate automatic updating of data fields in multiple tables
  • Complex stored procedures to automate repetitive tasks
  • EDI integration
  • Moving data through Ostendo API to other applications or websites

To learn more click on this link  now.



Till next month, if you have any questions, concerns or need any advice, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Your dedicated Cutcher & Neale Software Team
Michael, Aaron, Michelle, Hannah and Steve

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