Freeway Updates (version 1.3.0)

Development-X (Ostendo Solutions) are pleased to announce the release version of (1.3.0) Freeway. This update is now available on both Android and IOS App Stores. 

The following improvements have been made.

Frequently Used Templates:

Previously any template that was used more than once, was moved on the device to a section called "Frequently Used". This enabled users to easily select those Style Templates they used most often. The problem was that even if a template was only ever used once, it would appear in this list. Further to this, the Frequently Used list is really only relevant for those Freeway users whose must select from a selection of multiple Style Templates on a regular basis. Therefore it is of no real benefit to those users who are only required to select from a small list of Templates.

There is now a setting in the Freeway "Settings" screen to turn on / off the Frequently used templates area when creating a new Datasheet. This update will automatically turn "Off" this function, however it can be easily turned back on from the Freeway Settings screen on the device.

NB: (Only relevant if Upgrading) If you decide to turn this on immediately after upgrading, it will move back the same Templates that were previously appearing in that area under the previous Freeway Version based on their previous statistics

To re-set Frequently Used templates list anytime, perform the following:

1) Turn Off Frequently Use Function

2) Turn On Frequently Used Function

This will eliminate all Style Templates from the Frequently Used area and return them under their respective Template Groups.

Time Inquiry:

The Standard Time Inquiry now allows you to drill down on the number of hours entered against each Datasheet currently on the device for each day. It will then list out the Total Hours by Date but also allow you to drill down and determine Datasheet Information eg: Total Datasheet Hours, Order Number, Labour Code and Customer (Job) or Item Code (Assembly)

This allows the user to quickly determine total breakdown of daily hours they have recorded via Freeway.

NB: It is important to understand that the data for this Standard inquiry is not being sourced from Ostendo, but from the individual Datasheets held on the device. These include those that are "In Progress", "Synchronized", "Forwarded" and "Completed" Datasheets. Therefore if you intend to use this inquiry you should ensure the Mobility Settings for the Employee are set to retain enough Datasheets on the device for that employee.

Mobility->Employee Mobility Settings->Device tab-> "Number of Synchronised Sheets Retained".

Adding Adhoc Materials to Job and Assembly Picking: (Update 233+ and Minor Update 7+):

When picking from a Datasheet for a Job or Assembly Order, you can now add items not previously planned on the order. To do this simply press the '+' button from the Job Lines Remaining screen within Freeway. This will present you with your Materials list available to the employee. By selecting a "Charge (Descriptor) or Material (Item)  and entering a Qty, will automatically insert a planned line onto the order back in Ostendo. Once you accept this in Freeway, the Job Lines Remaining screen will refresh to include that Charge or Material. You then proceed to pick this in the normal manner. NB: This function will only work with Update 233 and Minor Update 7 or beyond. Also this function will only work if you have a live internet connection.

If you are interested in Freeway and would like more information please email or give our office a call on 1800 988 522

Cutcher & Neale Software Team

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