Freeway FAQ's

How much does Freeway cost?
  • There is no Licencing cost and no trial period for the Freeway application, or it’s public solutions.

  • Freeway provides for unlimited users

Note: When Freeway.Work (cloud data storage) is launched for Works Order Management, our intention is to provide this free of charge for fair and reasonable use. If transaction volumes grow excessively over time, then Development-X Limited reserves the right to introduce charges where necessary to cover the infrastructure costs.

Why is Freeway FREE? 
  • We want to make mobility solutions as affordable as possible to cater for unmet needs in the market.
  • We believe we can create a win-win situation in the long term with a strong partner and customer base for our current and future products.
What are the Operating System / Hardware requirements? 
  • Freeway will run on any modern (Android or IOS – see minimum requirements) smartphone or tablet device.
  • Freeway is not compatible with any devices with an ‘Intel Atom’ processor.
  • Typically in a commercial environment an intensive user of Freeway would benefit from a tablet screen size, but this is not essential. We would also recommend a minimum screen size of 4.5 inches.
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Require Android V4.4 or above or any iOS 64 bit device.
Is Freeway suited only to businesses? 
  • Freeway is a product that cuts through all organisations, whether they be Business, Academic, Public Service or any other organisation that needs to record data or share knowledge.
Can Freeway be integrated with Accounting solutions?
  • Freeway can optionally integrate with the following accounting software allowing specific data to be linked to a Freeway Solution.
    1. Reckon One (Available April 2017)
    2. Reckon Hosted (Pending Release)
  • The linking to these Accounting Solutions is by way of their respective API software tools. Once a Freeway solution is connected, your solution will allow you to do the following:

    1. Create Sales Orders / Invoices / Timesheets where applicable and send that
      information immediately back to your Accounting Software
    2. Link your Customers to Freeway
    3. Link your Items to Freeway
  • Each of these integrations allows direct access to Customer and Item Information directly from your Accounting Software - There is No Charge for this integration.

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